Collab Asia DRM finds and monetizes unlicensed uploads that slip past YouTube’s Content ID system. We then syndicate your videos across the largest compilation channels, giving you access to millions of new viewers and more monthly revenue.


  • IP Protection

    Control how your content is used and monetized; we work with you to create and enforce monetization and takedown policies.

  • earnings dashboard

    Track every penny of your earnings with our all-in-one proprietary payment software and earnings dashboard.

  • passive monthly income

    Continue to earn monthly revenue without extra effort once content is delivered.

  • increased earnings

    Syndiate your content on compilation platforms to increase visibility and IP claims revenue.

  • massive global audience

    Reach millions of new viewers around the world with UGC compilations, which are popular worldwide and are translated into nearly every language.


Go ahead. Ask us anything.

  • What does Collab Asia DRM do?

    We offer Digital Rights Management services focused on maximizing your monetization of your content.

  • Why work with Collab Asia DRM?

    Our extensive expertise in YouTube, including its Content ID system, backs our ability to manage your content. From reference file creation, geoblocking and conflict management to upload scheduling, tagging/titling strategies and playlist management.

  • What kind of content does Collab Asia DRM work with?

    We work with video content, from cat videos to award winning films.

  • What do Collab Asia DRM services cost?

    We usually work on a revenue share basis, which means you won’t have to find additional budget for our services. Plus, we often add at least one new revenue stream within the first month of working together.

  • We or someone else manage(s) our YouTube channel, can we still work with you?

    Absolutely! We pride ourselves on finding a way to add value to your current processes. Our revenue share model gives us flexibility in serving clients.


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