Our Story

All-night video edits. Maxed-out credit cards. Comment-section haters. 15-hour workdays. Broken-down cars. The creator’s struggle is real. We know because we’ve lived it.

Our Story

Collab Asia is a venture-backed digital content studio and influencer network with offices across Asia. We are in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Los Angeles. 

We work with top creators to produce shareable, relevant and engaging content, and help ambitious brands connect with their target audience. We also specialize in digital rights management by maximizing the revenue that content and IP rights owners earn online. 

Our growing network of over 1,500 creators and content companies has a combined reach of over 125 million subscribers and 2 billion monthly views on YouTube. Our content can also be found across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Niconico, TouTiao, Bilibili, TikTok and Douyin.

The company continues to maintain strategic ties with Los-Angeles based Collab, Inc., from which it separately incorporated in 2017, to provide a truly global network for content creators and global brands.