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  • premium ad options

    Monetise your video content with premium ad options.

  • dedicated dashboard

    Track your monthly earnings and gain access to copyright-free music and sound effects. Learn more about the dashboard.

  • global network

    Collaborate with creators across the globe to create exciting content and increase global visibility.

  • data analysis

    Make smarter decisions based on personalized performance data.

  • asset management (DRM)

    Claim and manage revenue from unlicensed use of your content.

We work with the best

Collab Asia helps brands craft their social content strategy and creators find authentic brand partnerships that go beyond one-off product integrations.


Go ahead. Ask us anything.

  • What does Collab Asia do?

    We help creators like you thrive by building audiences, sharpening your skills and increasing earnings with a combination of data analytics, production, talent development, rights management, and personalized creator support.

  • How do I join Collab Asia?

    Join our network by clicking on the relevant country-specific link below. We are always looking for talented creators on the rise – join us now!

  • What does Collab Asia cost?

    Zero upfront, until we help you achieve greater results! We work on a revenue-sharing basis, so you don’t have to put anything aside to give us a try.

  • How much money will I make?

    Earnings depend on a variety of factors including content type, audience demographic, watch time, seasonal ad rates, and whether or not your content appeals to brands or compilation makers. Creators we work with make a few hundred per month to over a million per year.

  • When and how do I get paid?

    You will get paid on the 1st of every month via Paypal, check or direct deposit. Revenue sources from Collab Asia include channel, claims, promotional, and brand earnings.

  • Why do I need a network?

    Collab Asia as a network offers scale and resources individual creators may find difficult to acquire, such technical support, brand deals and international collaborations. We’ve designed our services to add as much value as possible, without getting in the way of what a creator is already doing successfully on their own.

  • Do I have to bring my channel into Collab Asia?

    Not necessarily. We tailor our service to each creator’s needs. While most partners bring channels in to benefit from our teams’ expertise in growing views and subscribers, others may only opt into digital rights management services.

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